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Fuckbook Help

What is Fuckbook.mobi?
Fuckbook is adult dating meets social networking. We are an interactive online space where you can meet other singles or couples to have fun with! Our search engines connect you local members who share your interests. Create your own profile, and choose the image you create.
How safe is Fuckbook.mobi?
We pride ourselves on keeping your personal information confidential. However, it is always up to your discretion when deciding to share private details with other members. Always ensure that you trust and feel comfortable with the user you are interacting with. We recommend that you take it slow with love interests, and meet them in public places for the first few dates
How much does it cost to become a member of Fuckbook.mobi?
Fuckbook.mobi is currently offering an introductory trial offer for a limited time. Take advantage of this amazing offer while it lasts!
Profile FAQs
How do I manage my privacy on Fuckbook.mobi?
Like Facebook, you are always in control of the information you share. Choose to make your profile public or private, and remember that only members in your friend network can access your photos.
Where can I read personal messages?
Messages are both located in your user home and in your messages area. If you wish to send someone a message, simply click on their profile and click SEND MESSAGE.
How do I make friends?
Use our search engine to navigate local singles or couples in your area, and simply click, "ADD FRIEND". This will automatically send a friend request to the associated profile. You can always add, delete or block friends as you wish.
What is a Verified Account?
Account Verified simply means that you have a webcam and that you often use it with other Fuckbook.mobi. It's an emblem that indicates you are a real, certified user.
What do I do if one of my "friends" is sending me spam/harassing me?
At Fuckbook.mobi prohibit spam or harassment in any form. If another user is sending you commercial messages or is spreading hate speech, then we urge report it immediately. It is important that you never send money to someone you've met on an online dating site.
Help - Video Chat FAQs
How do I use video chat?
Click the Video Chat button on the toolbar, and browse the list of available chatrooms. This will tell you how many users have posted, and how many are currently chatting. Click on the room you want to access by clicking the "Join" button.  You also have the option of creating your own personal room for private video chats.
Do I need a web cam to use video chat?
You don't need it, but we recommend it. It's better to have face-to-face contact rather than relying on typing text. Depending on your device, you can purchase an affordable webcam from your local retail store. Having a camera dramatically increases your chances of meeting more users.
Is there such a thing as video chat etiquette?
Absolutely. If you're new to the online dating world, then there are a few things you need to think about before partaking in your first interaction:
  • Take your time. Before using the chat room, we recommend that you spend some time watching the room, and noticing how the interactions are taking place. Ask yourself: what is the vibe? Is this where I want to be? Understanding the community will help you immensely.
  • Avoid Flooding. Short and simple are the best types of messages. You don't want to be the person in the chat room flooding everyone's screen with long, rambling text. If you have a lot to say, break it down into smaller sentences and send it separately.
  • Play Fair. Be polite and respond to user questions when they ask them. Proper greetings and goodbyes are also always necessary.
Disclaimer: all persons on this site are 18 year and older

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