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Dos and Don’ts for meeting on Fuckbook
Dos and Don’ts for meeting on Fuckbook
Dos and Don’ts for meeting on Fuckbook


Dos and Don’ts for meeting on Fuckbook

If you are like most twenty or thirty-something year olds out there, then it’s more than possible that you are using a mobile dating app to meet new people and hookup. Millions of men and women have flocked to dating apps like OkCupid, Tinder and Fuckbook (the facebook of sex) in hopes of finding love, sex, friendship or simple casual dating fun. However, finding exactly what you want is not as easy as you might suspect. It takes skill to pick up, to create the right profile, and flirt in a unique manner. Too many people out there are making terrible mistakes when trying to impress, and that’s precisely why we’ve decided to give you the lowdown on dos and don’ts to enhance your fuckbook experience: 
DON’T post photos with friends, kids or other random strangers. When ladies are browsing profiles and flipping through your photos, the last question they should be asking themselves is, “Which one is he?” If all your photos consist of group images then it’s time to take them down, and replace them with images that clearly depict you and your personality. 
DO take selfies even if you feel like it’s something reserved for the opposite sex. Many men fear the selfie because they think it’s vain or ridiculous, but when using a dating app, it’s important for potential matches to get the best look of you possible before committing to chat or even meeting up in person. A well-taken selfie with a sense of humor can do wonders for your profile, and land you more interest than you might suspect. 
DON’T use a corny tagline. The first sentence of your profile is known as a tagline. It’s your self-summary and the thing most women will be reading to judge your personality. If yours says something like, “Work hard. Play hard.” Or something else utterly cliché that does not reinforce your personality or show a sense a humor then you can count on a large percentage of women being deterred. 
DO not take yourself too seriously. Using a mobile dating app for hooking up isn’t exactly the classiest thing in the world, and you will often see some men and women taking their profiles far too seriously in terms of duckface selfies, the muscle man mirror shots, and the occasional dick pic. This is the internet bro, and perhaps you didn’t catch the memo, but people like to laugh and be entertained by the weirdest things so come up with something creative, eye-catching and original. 
DON’T forget to flirt. While it might be easy to find matches, you must remember that a match does automatically mean you are getting laid tonight. When you start chatting with woman on your app don’t just launch straight into the dirty stuff. Get to know her, ask some questions and make her smile, because the more comfortable she feels with you, the higher your chances. Don’t be a robot, be warm, flirty and fun.
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